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4 SEO Tips For Modern Marketers

4 SEO Tips For Modern Marketers

4 SEO Tips For Modern Marketers

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The future looks to be a promising in the online marketing space for both local and web based businesses. Google, for the most part, has finally finished overhauling their mighty search algorithm. This is not to say that they won’t be tweaking their algorithm here and there but I think it’s safe to say that as long as you keep your nose clean this year there will be no catastrophic update like Panda or Penguin to knock your website off the current path it’s on. Here are 4 for modern marketers that’ll help you do just that.
1. Avoid PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) Like The Plague
There is an old proverb that says “A wise man will learn from his mistakes but an even wiser man will learn from someone else’s”. Back in 2011 up through 2012 hundreds of websites dramatically lost their rankings after Google started rolling out their anti-SEO updates. Anyone who dabbled in link exchanges, comment linking, content spinning (and tons of other stuff) were either penalized or suddenly lost their rankings. What did we learn from this? Google doesn’t like fast, cheap, spammy SEO, and . Sure, PBN owners have gotten smarter in the way they host and manage these sites but we’re talking about Google here - Google’s going to catch on.
2. Don’t Ignore Your On Page SEO
is one of the most fundamental elements of SEO, still. Ever since Google first launched, its sole purpose was to index, categorize and prioritize data. At its core, Google is just a souped-up card catalog system, like the ones librarian's use to find books on archaic computers. This means Google needs from your website some very basic information (like a card catalog needs the title of a book) just to perform its primary function - a search query. A website's meta data, like page titles and meta descriptions, tell Google what you’re website is all about, and where you belong in search. does not guarantee #1 rankings, but without it, you may not rank at all.
3. Add More Content.
We’ve been talking about content in the SEO world for YEARS. SEO professionals have tooted “Content is King” ever since I can remember. Even though I believe that I do believe that content is still VERY important, but probably not in a way that you are use to hearing about. When I say “add content” I mean to tell you that research is showing that pages with MORE content (2,000+ words) tend to rank higher than pages with less content.
4. Keep Your Website Fast & Secure
I'm predicting that Google will take 2 factors even further when it comes to . First off, websites without an SSL Certificate (not secure / displaying https) will continue to drop in search rank. Secondly, websites that load too slowly (especially due to heavy ads) will also see their pagerank fall significantly. So overall I'd make it a priority to keep your websites fast and secure in the new digital age!

Final Thoughts.

Learn from the past! Don’t resort to cheap if you plan to stay in business for long. Don’t neglect the most fundamental element of your search campaign, On Page SEO is the core of everything you’re doing and lastly, bigger IS better, so add more content. Take it from , getting top ranked pages on Google isn’t a race - it’s a marathon! And how do you win a marathon? Work hard and determination.

I hope you enjoyed this article about effective for long term search strategy success.
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