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8 Ways To Start Generating Engaged Leads Using Instagram For Your Sales Funnel Today

8 Ways To Start Generating Engaged Leads Using Instagram For Your Sales Funnel Today

8 Ways To Start Generating Engaged Leads Using Instagram For Your Sales Funnel Today

Funnel Strategy February 19, 2016 2 Comments

Have you started using Instagram to promote your business?

Are you struggling to get any meaningful results out of it?

I will explain today how to generate engaged leads through this still developing social media channel.

Instagram has been around for a while but when it comes to business, it is still a fairly new concept for most.

It hasn’t yet reached the point where Facebook is at but with rumors circling that analytics may soon be available, now is a very good time to .

To help you do this, here are 8 ways to start using Instagram to generate leads for your sales funnel:

1. Try Creating Different Accounts For Different Personas

The first step is to not promote all your content in one place to the same audience.

Think about it, you wouldn’t send the same email out to all of the contacts on your list.

Instead, you would segment your list of email contacts so that you can send tailored content to each audience.

The same thing applies to .

Think about the different personas and what content they would want to see and create an account for each.

For example, a fitness guru might have an account to showcase her workouts, an account to showcase customer success stories and an account of business related posts.

2. Be Personable

Being personable is important for not just Instagram but for any social media network.

Social media was created so people all across the world could be… social.

It seems obvious then that the best way to generate leads is to be social and interact with your followers.

A great example of an account which is highly personable is .


They have truly taken on board the language and personas of their customers so that their followers can relate to every single post they do… even when promoting products.

They certainly know with their worst month still getting over and their best month getting over 75,000 followers.

Feature Followers’ Photos


A great way to make your account personable as well as taking language and tone into account is to showcase followers’ photos on your Instagram.

If people can see that others have had success or are happy to shop with you then they will feel more inclined to do the same.

The more you build a community, the more people are going to trust and buy from you.

Using as an example again, they have a dedicated hashtag #babesofmissguided where customers can tag their photos of clothes they have bought for a chance to be featured on the Missguided Instagram page or blog.

Respond To Comments

To put it simply, if you want your customers to engage with you… you’re going to have to engage with them.

Next time someone comments on your Instagram post, make sure to respond back to their comment.

As more followers see that you care for them and interact with them, the more they will engage with your posts and eventually come to trust your brand and buy.

It’s all about going Deep vs. Wide.

Go deep and build relationships with your audience.

For example, after posting a helpful tip on Instagram, someone comments and asks a question.

This is your opportunity to interact and truly give some great advice to that person so others can see.

3. Be Helpful Not Interesting

While there isn’t necessarily any harm in being interesting, people will not buy from you because you are interesting.

They will buy from you if you are helpful. For example, there are two fitness gurus on Instagram;

  1. The first has 1 million followers and posts a lot selfies of how amazing she looks adding comments like “been to the gym today”.
  2. The second has 700K followers but posts a lot of helpful tips from her downloadable guides and success stories of her customers.

While the first may more followers because her posts are interesting, the second would have more leads through Instagram because she is posting helpful tips and success stories that directly relate to her product.

4. Link To Your Opt-In Page From Your Bio

Screen grabbed from:

I see a lot of businesses linking from the Instagram bio to the homepage of their website.

Again, while there is nothing wrong with this, there is a better way to do it. Instead of directing followers to your homepage, direct them to a converting opt-in page.

You can continue to change the bio link according to what you are promoting.

For example, if for the next 2 weeks I want to promote an eBook on Instagram for Businesses then I would change my bio link to the eBook landing page.

5. Use Snippet Videos

Sometimes the best way to get your message across is by video.

Instagram moves fast and so unlike YouTube where you can record a whole tutorial, I recommend using very short 15 second videos for Instagram.

They manage to instil fun into the video and go on to display 10 products in just a matter of seconds.

If you sell services rather than products then you could still do 15-second snippet videos for quick tips or quick facts etc.

Showcase Products In Real Life

Screen grabbed from

Sometimes the best way to sell a product is to show how it would be used in a real life situation.

Instead of standing in a garage telling people how good the bicycle is in front of you; why not create a snippet video of someone actually riding the bicycle.

For example, if it was a stunt bike then you could have weekly 15 second videos of someone performing stunts on the bike.

You could then expand on this idea and create a dedicated hashtag so your followers can tag you in their stunts which you could feature weekly.

6. Create Offers

As with any social media network, a great way to generate buzz around your product is to promote it with an offer.

As mentioned earlier, change your bio link to an opt-in page for followers to enter their details to .

This offer could be anything from an exclusive discount for Instagram followers only, a free trial followers can claim for a limited amount of time, or even an eBook full of helpful guidance and unique ideas for followers to achieve their goals.

One of the best ways to create an offer on Instagram is using images. Use a photo to highlight the link in your bio to start driving traffic to your optin page.

7. Post At Times That Get The Most Engagement

Because Instagram doesn’t yet offer any analytics for businesses like Facebook does, many businesses assume that finding out when the best times to post can’t be done.

Lucky for you reading this blog post, there is a neat tool called that when linked to your Instagram account will be able to give you demographics of followers, when your followers are most active, , which posts has the most reach and more.

Monitor Results

Use Iconosquare to continually monitor results so you can learn what doesn’t work and what does work.

Without monitoring results, you won’t have any evidence as to what your followers mostly engage with.

This means that your whole Instagram strategy is based on guesswork and assumptions.

If you really want to create an Instagram profile that will generate leads, you need to have concrete evidence of what your followers want more or less of.

Use the reporting in Iconosquare to set benchmarks to work from and refer to as you make adjustments to your strategy.

Continue To Make Improvements

Once you have set your benchmark report, review it and look out for any opportunities.

For example, your current strategy involves posting one video a week.

After looking at the benchmark report, though, you find that videos are what generate the most reach and engagement. For the next 2 weeks, you test posting 3 videos a week.

After the 2 weeks are over, create a new report and compare it with the benchmark report.

Did you get more weekly reach? Did you get more weekly followers?

You can continue looking for opportunities and testing to continue to improve your Instagram strategy.

8. Always Post A Call-To-Action

The CEO of Team Johnson, , recently did an interview with Amy Porterfield about her .

An interesting point she made was about call-to-actions. She said that she never posts anything without a call-to-action.

This could be anything from a question to encourage the conversation to asking followers to click the link in the bio.

Let’s face it; you wouldn’t create a landing page without a call-to-action so why would you not add a call-to-action when trying to generate leads through Instagram?


There it is, 8 ways to generate engaging leads through Instagram.

Many businesses have written Instagram off without even giving it a go.

With Instagram being a platform with extremely high engagement, it’s really time to reconsider not being present on the platform. Don’t feel you need to limit yourself when you’re using social media to drive leads to your sales funnel.

What have you found the most challenging with Instagram marketing?

Drop your question in the comments below!

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