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A Powerful 3 Step Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

A Powerful 3 Step Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

A Powerful 3 Step Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

Social media lead generation is still a mystery for most business owners and marketing agencies.
Social Media Lead Generation

Much of the confusion is based around the assumption that leads should be generated in an automated fashion such as pay per click advertising or search engine optimization.

While these strategies may be effective for some businesses, the reality is that it won’t work for all.

Companies that give up on social media lead generation are missing out on an incredible opportunity to grow their business.

Those that understand how to effectively use social media for lead generation will benefit from an unlimited pool of potential customers.

Since our company started using Social Quant back in November, the number of business opportunities that have fallen on our lap has paid for the service many times over.

Today, Id like to share the social media lead generation strategy that has helped us generate leads, partnerships, guest posts, and podcast appearances.

Build a Twitter Following With Social Quant

It all starts with building a social media following.

Building a social media following will open up doors to networking, prospecting, and sales.

The most effective way to grow your social media following on Twitter is to post regularly, engage with users, and take advantage of Social Quants targeted solution. You can use tools like , or to help with scheduling your post.

By sticking to these three fundamentals, your social media following will continue to grow.

It’s important to first identify your target audience and customers. Once you truly understand who your audience is, what they value, and which content they consume, you will be able to share content that will resonate with them.

Following these steps carefully, you will build a social following that consists of your target customers.

Build Relationships with Twitter Followers

Once your target customers begin following you on Twitter, the next step is to build relationships.

Even light engagement such as a favorite or retweet can help build up trust and familiarity with you and your follower.

While more time-consuming, thoughtful replies can be highly effective for building relationships. Once a week, take a look at your latest followers and make an effort to engage with them in one way or another.

Twitter Follower Outreach

Now that you got your target customers following you and you’ve engaged with them, the next step is to start reaching out to the follower.

A direct message can be an effective way to open up the conversation with the user.

Not all users check their direct messages, so if you don’t hear back within a week, a LinkedIn message is a good backup. One of the easiest ways to spark up a conversation is to keep your message short, open, and casual.

Say something along the lines of:

“Hey John, thanks for the follow! I was just looking at your and realized you may be a perfect fit for our product/service. Can I give you a quick call to see if its something you might be interested in?”

You want to keep it short but if you go over the maximum character limit for a direct message, break it up into two messages.

Direct messages typically take a little bit longer to get a reply, while tweeting directly to the user tends to be a little quicker.

You’ll need to be cautious when tweeting directly to users. There is a fine line between the occasional outreach tweet and spamming twitter users. If users see that your feed is full of sales pitches it will be a major turn off. Thats why the key to outreach is quality over quantity.

Selling On Twitter

Engagement, outreach, and sales all have their own set of social norms.

It’s important to be thoughtful of where certain conversations take place.

For most businesses engagement takes place openly on social media, outreach takes place via email or private message (direct message), and selling takes place by phone, email, or other private means of communication.

Each business will be different but we recommend that you keep your public social media appearance in mind when .

If social media selling through direct message is a better fit for your company, then gaining the right followers will be a big fundamental part to your overall strategy.

To effectively generate , your company will benefit from collecting data on the types of followers your account is gaining. That’s where Social Quant can be of great help.

The 2 important questions to ask are:

Which types of users should we be targeting to generate leads and sales?

Which types of followers are we actually gaining?

Once these questions are answered, and the right strategy set in place, your company will have a tremendous advantage when selling on Twitter.

I'm the CEO of MICEFX Solutions and a successful Entrepreneur specialising in digital marketing, based in Izmir, Turkey.

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