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Planify – Create an engaging plan for your next MICE event


Planify simplifies the planning process of MICE organisers, who share once the plan with their participants on Planify’s mobile application. The friendly interface provides a quick way to check an always up-to-date plan, right in their pocket. You can plan everything in a great agenda, with speakers, exhibitors and even sponsors.

How does Planify work?
The organiser creates the MICE plan via Planify web manager and shares the code with his participants. The participants simply need to download the Planify mobile app and enter the code to access it.

Planify web manager allows MICE planners to enrich the plan with pictures, contacts, maps, documents, tips, local weather, recommended places, profile of participants and much more. You can also send push notifications from the web manager, that participants will receive directly within the mobile app. You can test the demo plans of Planify here.

Benefits for MICE participants: The whole plan in a single device, accessible anywhere! They don’t have to carry a paper brochure anymore, the digital era is here.

Planify mobile app stores every information you fill in the web manager. Don’t worry about last minute setbacks. Everybody always has the same, up-to-date plan! How about internet connection? Either online or offline, participants can always access the plan. In the flight, at the office, or in the jungle, they will always have your plan in their pocket.

Do you want to create your own plan? Create your own free plan on and impress your participants.


From Coteries Lab
Planify is built by Coteries Lab, a UX/UI design and web & mobile development lab based out of Lausanne, Switzerland.

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