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Instagram Growth & Marketing Automation At Its Best!

With MICEFX’s Growth & Marketing Automation (The IG Automator), you can reach over 100,000 new Instagram users each month!

Only real and engaged Instagram users, that is! It is the way pros do it and if you want to beat them at their own game you will need to use Instagram marketing automation for sure.

Grow your Instagram accounts the right way!

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Posts Scheduling

Schedule your posts and/or your stories to go live when your fans are most engaged.
This will increase your chances to get in the top 9 of featured posts and get more organic reach.

Auto Re-post

Search for high-quality posts in your niche and repost them to your accounts. With this strategy, you will expand your circle of influence, by featuring other people’s photos to your timeline.


Search for Instagram users in your niche and automatically follow them to get their attention. With Automator smart filters you will find only the most targeted users that will follow you back.


Automatically Follow-Back the users that followed you to stay in touch and interact with them in the future. This alone will save you hours of your time.


Keep your following list to a manageable size and unfollow those that didn’t follow you back after a certain period of time.


Search for high-quality images on Instagram and automatically like them to trigger a notification to prospects that might love what you’re about.


Search for interesting images in your niche and leave a meaningful comment. Make sure you get creative and original with spin syntax.

Delete Posts

Delete old photos that didn’t get proper engagement and keep only your high-rated posts. Instagram marketing automation done the right way – like deleting bad performing posts – will do wonders for your account.

Contact Prospects

Keep in touch with your fans from one single place with IG Automator. You can set it up to auto reply to new messages or to send a welcome message to new followers.

Manage Your Direct Messages

See all your direct messages for all your Instagram accounts in one place. You can answer or manage your conversations right from your computer.

Hashtag Research

With this unique tool you can search for related hashtags for your niche to use in your posts. Use this with the Dynamic Hashtags feature, to automatically circle your hashtags and get even more reach for your posts.

Block Followers

Followers that do not pass the filters you setup will not be able to interact with your account anymore.

Find and Extract Targeted Users

You can search for followers, followings, likers, or commenters of your targeted users by using a lot of different search methods (like searching based on keywords, or hashtags and so on).

Manage Comments

With IG Automator it’s easier and faster to check out all your comments from all your accounts in one place, to respond to them, to tag the commenters in your replies or to simply enable/disable comments with the click of one button.

Delete Comments

Set up this tool to automatically delete the comments that don’t match your criteria. You can delete comments by keywords or usernames.

Like Comments

If you don’t have the time to give a meaningful answer to each and every comment you get, a simple like will be enough to show your appreciation.

Save Posts

Automatically save the posts of specified users if they pass your filters: number of likes and comments.

Auto Phone-verify your Accounts

Don’t worry about having to phone verify your accounts ever again. IG Automator will do this automatically for you when necessary.

Import Data from Other Tools

You can transition easily to JARVEE and take advantage of its advanced and most performant automation tools.

Spin syntax

You can customize all your messages and posts with Spin Syntax. This feature is a major time saver and will help you look more authentic at the same time.

Proxy Support

Run each Instagram account with its own HTTP proxy for increased privacy and security.

>>> Contact Us on Fiverr (at fiverr.com/micefx) to Get You Started!