Why Join Our Event Professionals Network?

At MICEFX Solutions, we look to help augment the ambitions and aims of event professionals to help amplify their online opportunities. A creative marketing and event agency based in Izmir, we work as one of the most reliable and effective firms in the international meetings industry.


So, why would joining up with MICEFX.COM be a valuable and useful opportunity for you to grow, improve and strengthen your opportunities further?

How can we help you to secure and amplify your ambitions in the long-term?

MICE = Meeting, Incentive, Congress, Event. In short, we work within the international meetings industry to help make sure that professionals can get inspired, excited and interested in the opportunities that exist for them today. As part of the growing #EventProfs network, too, we offer an ambitious and informative way for people to learn, change and improve their position on a whole manner of tasks and challenges which are to come in the near future.

As a curated blog for event professionals, we bring together awesome content that can be used to learn, inform and inspire for years to come. By offering the kind of opportunity and insight that can help fuel your next big innovation, MICEFX.COM is the perfect place for all event professionals to start with.

Not only will we be offering awesome #EventProfs content that can be learned from and utilized for inspiration, though. We’ll also be working alongside our clients to come up with intelligent and informed discourse about the best way to move forward, and the ideal route to lasting success. From looking at ways to help professionals improve the strength of their business today, to helping offer assistance with creating lasting and actionable inbound marketing strategies, we are the ideal place to start learning with.

We make traffic management, lead generation and profit maximization a possibility for all. As experts in the industry, MICEFX.COM looks to offer more than just an insightful blog, though. we look to help make sure that improvements in UX can be obtained, that conversions can grow, and that you are receiving actionable and informative assistance that could easily drive your business to bigger and better things in the years to come.

These are key reasons why so many professionals in Izmir, Turkey and beyond are signing up with us. Our blog has become the starting point of information and inspiration for many, serving as a primary source of information for each and any person who is looking to take that all-important next step forward in their professional lives.

For all the assistance and aid that you could need, please contact us. Our blog can act as both a starting point for learning, and a finishing point for informing. We would love to have you as part of the long-term team, so feel free to contact us today for more advice and information: we would absolutely lovely to help out!