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How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Post?

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Post?

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Post?

If you just click the “Publish” button on your blog post and move on to the post next article, your blog won’t grow as quickly as it should.

Creating great content is an extremely important part of any successful content marketing strategy. But it’s just one part.

Blogging is really hard work. You have to brainstorm for ideas, look for the perfect images, formatting your final draft and proofreading multiple times.

But in the end ….. does blogging pay off?

As per , content marketing costs 62% less and generates roughly three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

According to Jayson DeMers, “The real is in the distribution”

You can’t just publish your blog post and pray for your target audience to visit your blog. You need to attract people who will like your content.

Here is what I’ve found personally, after spending around four months on a blog which was started from scratch. Below are different promotional tactics and strategies to promote your content to grow your blog audience. It’s a good idea to try out different techniques and find what which works the best after analysis.

Sounds interesting?

Now, Let's checkout some easy ways on How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Post?

1. Comments are the Key

Getting is not easy task unless you are , in which case your each blog post will have 100+ comments. But it is achieved after years of dedication and hard work.

Why Comments are great?

a) Increases blog authority.

b) Real time feedback from your audience.

c) Interact with your readers 1-on-1.

d) Each comment will give you unique content on your post, which can increase organic traffic.

e) Increases, sites "Average session duration".

2. Shout-out Emails to your subscribers:

Emailing to your current subscribers is one of the important ways to promote your latest post.

The subscribers on your email list already like you, and you know they already like the topics you write about. They are the ideal people to see your post first.

You can create a simple template for your blog, which includes CTA (Call to action) to your blog with a brief description about blog post and you can also ask your readers to share it on social media networks.

3. Ask for favors:

You might not even notice, but you likely do favors for at least some of few industry influencers or experts in your niche every time you publish a blog post.

When you mention and link to someone, it can send them small bits of visits and increase their search rankings.

You can also shout them a personalized mail, saying that you’ve liked their work or any post and mentioned them in your recent blog post. After you tell them that you have mentioned them, ask them to check out the blog post and share it with their followers if they think, if its worthy.

4. Contribute to Quora, Build your Audience:

Then he wrote this in Quora’s history (at that time). He used custom images to explain .

Oliver launched his blog soon. But his massive following on was still his major audience (in the initial period of blogging).

Here are that earned him 4 million views in the first year.

5. Start using Reddit:

Reddit is most reactive social networks, but you have to use it wisely. It is a gigantic online forum boasting an impressive Alexa rank -30.

Don’t just post your links, it is of no use and you’ll get banned by the moderators. As a beginner, the effective strategy is to first join the sub reddit and contribute to it here and wait for a few weeks before promoting your own content.

A list of 750 by industry.

Everyone should start using Reddit as it has highest no. of unique visitors. Try some of your primary keywords into the box and choose some of relevant subreddit that has at least a few hundreds of members.


6. Get Benefited from online forums:

Prior to using this strategy, you need to and become an active contributor. If you are new to a forum, you should have at least 20 posts before even thinking about dropping your own link.

But once you’re done with the initial period of building up a reputation, forums can be a great source of high quality traffic.

People generally visit forums because they want to learn and discuss something on the forum. If you just post a link, you’ll get reported for spam and have your account banned.

a ) Submit your post on niche content submission sites ( )

b) Social Media Networks for Marketers ()

7. Groups are the Key :

Groups are similar to online forums in a lot of ways but typically have more easy rules.

a) LinkedIn Groups: Choose group wisely and pick only 5 – 8 specific groups, which are active with some likes and comments on each post. Engage with Group members and like/comment on their post as well.

b) Facebook Groups: It is also a great source of quality referral traffic. To find groups, search your keyword using the top search bar, and then filter your results by “Groups”. The nice thing about both LinkedIn/Facebook groups is that they are both designed for sharing content. It is expected that you’ll share your own content. Spend a few days in groups commenting and liking submissions from others members, and then occasionally post a link to your own posts.

8. Most Important part is Monitoring Rankings :

Did you forget about SEO?

If you don’t already have a rank-tracking account, head over to to create a free account.

After you publish a post, go to “Add URL”, and put in your domain name and the main keyword(s) you targeted in that post.

If your post isn’t on the 2nd or 3rd page after a month of being published, you’ve probably chosen a keyword that is too difficult to compete for given your current domain authority.

I am taking Alexa rank to the next level with . With the advent of this wonderful campaign. It is my 3rd post in this series.

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