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Instagram Marketing Tips — Improving Engagement Rates on Instagram

Instagram Marketing Tips — Improving Engagement Rates on Instagram

Instagram Marketing Tips — Improving Engagement Rates on Instagram

Host a contest or giveaway

Hosting contests or giveaways is a fun and effective way of engaging with your followers on Instagram and getting them to comment on your content. Promote a contest on Instagram and have your followers enter by simply commenting on the post.

The contest can run for a week, for example, and users can increase their chances of winning by commenting every day. Alternatively, you can integrate user generated content (UGC) by asking your followers to post content based on your brand and you can reward some of them with giveaways.

Host an Instagram takeover

An Instagram takeover is an effective way of switching up content on your feed by letting someone else post content on it. It’s also a good opportunity to work with influencers who are highly talented when it comes to creating and promoting content on the photo- and video-sharing platform.

It involves allowing the influential Instagram user to run your account for a given period, such as a day or a week. Influences, however, aren’t the only users you could invite to post on your account. A colleague or a social media manager from another business in your industry is also good options.

Takeovers increase engagement with your , especially when the Instagram user temporarily running your account posts high-quality content that catches your audience’s attention. Both the hosts and guests of takeovers benefit from the exercise.

Prompt users to engage in the comments

Simply asking users to comment on a post works; post sharable content on your feed then ask your followers a question in the caption. Ask them to answer in the comments and tag their friends in the answer. This simple interaction with your audience improves engagement levels.

Post provocative, surprising or humorous content

Research on the force behind viral content found that a majority of viral posts online aroused strong emotions. These include content that caused uncertainty, curiosity, surprise and anticipation in the audience. Posts that brought out joyous emotions also went viral. You therefore need to post content that provokes emotional responses.

Some effective ideas include posts about surprising industry trends, joyous moments, intriguing facts, etc. The content need not be limited to only your brand. If your audience is highly likely to enjoy and relate to content, then it should find its way to your feed. That means that you can occasionally post fun, silly posts.

Get the timing right

There’s been a long debate regarding the best time of day to post content on Instagram and social media in general. The truth is that the best time varies with the industry, your followers’ habits and the type of content you post.

The most effective strategy for identifying the right time to post content is reviewing your analytics and experimenting different times of day. Giving different times a try and observing the response and engagement levels of your followers over a long time will give you a good idea of your followers’ viewing habits on Instagram.

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