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On-Page SEO Techniques – How to Rank on First Page of Google

On-Page SEO Techniques – How to Rank on First Page of Google

On-Page SEO Techniques – How to Rank on First Page of Google

For website developers, it is crucial for their web content to appear on the first page of a Google search result to ensure that the content is available to a target audience. To rank higher, your web posts need SEO optimization. Your optimization depends on two factors, on page SEO factors and off page SEO factors. Consider this article as an on page SEO tutorial, as it will shed light on what is on-page SEO and off-page SEO, on page SEO definition, on page SEO meaning, on page SEO tips, on page SEO techniques list 2016, with few using on site optimization in SEO.

According to On Page SEO , On-Page SEO optimization deals with on page factors like your post titles, keywords whereas Off-Page SEO deals with offsite factors. It is important as a web developer to implement Useful On-Page SEO techniques to improve your search engine optimization. Clear points on an on page SEO optimization checklist before implementing off page SEO techniques.

A search engine like Google works on an algorithm that ranks web pages based on a certain keyword. Apart from the keyword, it takes into account the authenticity of the content, back linking, sources, etc. This is the importance of implementing On-page SEO optimization. The keywords you use will determine your web traffic.

  • Use Effective SEO Titles

One of the most fundamental On-page SEO techniques is the use of engaging titles for your posts. A search engine like Google will primarily search through titles to look for specific keywords that are searched.

For this reason, incorporation of a keyword in the title will help Google traverse through your article. One of the on page SEO tips, a title packed with bloat keywords that do not make sense will only harm your audience engagement rather than encourage it.

An important item to cross off from your on page SEO optimization checklist is the keyword density you maintain throughout your post. An ideal keyword density would range between 1-1.5% percent, with a sprinkle of keyword phrases. Placement of the keyword is also important as an addition to the On Page SEO techniques list 2016.

Ideally, the main keyword should be placed once in the beginning, sprinkled in the middle, and once more in the conclusion. You can also highlight keywords and phrases in your post to make them more visually appealing. According to of Backlinko.com keywords are synonyms that Google uses to determine a page’s relevancy (and possibly quality). Sprinkle them into every post.

Implementing structural characterization of your URLs is one among the many On Page factors that are integral for your website’s on site optimization in SEO. Your targeted keywords should also feature on your post’s URL.

Use letters, and numbers, if you must in your URL structure. Differentiate between the strings in your URL structure by adding dashes. However, use of other special characters is not recommended.

Another item to cross off from your On Page SEO technique list 2016 is the use of unique and relevant Meta keyword tags and a Meta description for each blog post. As mentioned before, a keyword is important for attracting web audiences on Google.

For summarizing your content well, a Meta description tag that is of any relevance to your blog post is recommended. Ideally, a 150 character long Meta description is preferred.

  • Image Optimization of Your Content

An age-old On-Page SEO technique is the addition of relevant, high-quality images from the web. Apart from content, on site optimization for images also helps in driving web page traffic from image searches. Your blog post will not only attract more people but also display content that is focused and organized.

Images can contain the keyword in some form whatsoever, to enable a higher score on Google. As a part of on page SEO tips to rank your website on first page of google search results, the addition of smaller images is preferred over larger images, as the latter can significantly reduce loading times for your posts. A greater loading time pushes your web page lower on the result page rankings.

Smaller blog posts do not generally find themselves on the first few pages of Google’s search result pages. This is for a simple reason, the algorithm does not consider smaller information to be relevant unless and until it has a strong internal linking backbone, which is one among the several Off Page SEO techniques available at your disposal.

However, from an On-Page SEO perspective, increasing the word count such that it reaches a minimum of 500-700 words would classify your web page as relevant and authentic.

Nonetheless, smaller posts with on page SEO factors like proper use of On-page SEO, relevant keywords would rank higher for specific keyword searches on Google. Similarly, a long post that features very low On-Page SEO keyword density would be pushed lower.

  • User-Engaging Content Development

The last On-Page SEO Optimization Technique in our on page SEO tutorial and one of the hardest in the on page SEO optimization checklist is the generation of engaging content. With interests changing every day, it is a challenge to keep updating your web page with elements from on page SEO techniques list 2016 each year.

Writing posts that cater to your reader’s requirements while keeping them engaged with user-friendly content formats with SEO keyword integration might seem a lot to do at once.

However, once you keep your target audience in mind and develop content keeping them in mind, your content will be appreciated and received well, which is one of the best tips to rank your website on first page of google search results.

The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position. It is what the user came to see and is thus extremely important to the search engines. As such, it is important to create good content, as stated by

You can also ask your audience for their opinion and involve them in your web page. Regular, engaging content might seem like a daunting task, but if you can generate content that is relevant to your niche with the perfect organization of thoughts, you will benefit most from this On-Page SEO technique.

To Conclude

Manage your web pages on site optimization in SEO with a perfect balance of on page factors and off page techniques with a slight inclination towards On-Page SEO.

Follow all tips to rank your website on first page of google search results and Useful On-Page SEO techniques to improve your search engine optimization to help feature your web page on Google search’s first page.

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