Instagram Growth Packages

Looking for the Perfect Way to Grow Your Instagram Today?

Would you like to increase your customer base and give your business a real boost? Have you ever considered growing your Instagram presence? With more than 500 million active users on Instagram, the platform remains one of the best social media platforms to offer your brand the exposure it deserves.

Now, consider this…

If you can sell to one new customer every day, how much is that worth to your business? Remember, the more targeted visitors you have, the more your sales & your earnings.

And this is where MICEFX Solutions will be glad to help!

At MICEFX Solutions, we offer attractive Instagram growth packages that’ll place your brand in front of thousands of new Instagram followers who have a genuine interest in what you offer and are most likely to become consistent paying customers.

Our Instagram growth packages focus on real marketing. They will:

  • Target your specific audience
  • Organically grow your Instagram fan-base;
  • Boost your brand awareness and get customers to see your product/services(s);
  • Monetize your page and increase sales; and
  • Bring you real, targeted engagement.

…All these and much more without the need to hard sell

Unlike other websites out there, we do not sell fake followers. We are 100% organic Instagram growth service provider.


  • We’ll work on your Instagram profile to ensure all the important elements are included in your company bio and that it matches your brand’s identity.
  • With our unbeatable experience, we’ll configure your Instagram account to make sure we connect you with the right audience.
  • We are 100% safe – you will not lose your account!

Instagram Growth Packages

Want to dominate on Instagram? Check out our full range of Instagram growth packages

INSTA STARTER (x) Multi-Staged Promotion

  • 2.000+ Real & Active HQ Followers with Unlimited Likes
  • 500 Instagram Business Leads for Marketing (with E-mail & Phone Number Information)
  • 30 Trending & Relevant Hashtags for Your Posts
  • Price: For Only $35 / Month

INSTA PRO(2.5x) Multi-Staged Promotion

  • 5.000+ Real & Active HQ Followers with Unlimited Likes
  • 1.000 Instagram Business Leads for Marketing (with E-mail & Phone Number Information)
  • 60 Trending & Relevant Hashtags for Your Posts
  • Price: For Only $60 / Month

INSTA ELITE(5x) Multi Staged Promotion

  • 10.000+ Real & Active HQ Followers with Unlimited Likes
  • 2.500 Instagram Business Leads for Marketing (with E-mail & Phone Number Information)
  • 150 Trending & Relevant Hashtags for Your Posts
  • Price: For Only $90 / Month

MICEFX Solutions offer 100% GUARANTEE- If we fail to grow the number of your Instagram followers, simply cancel the service and we’ll make a refund – no question asked!

Regardless of your present Instagram status, MICEFX Solutions will work with you to grow the number of followers and likes you deserve and also help solidify your social presence.

For further inquiries or bookings, call us on +(90)5332245593 or email


Tribeca 360°
Tribeca 360°
“He will get you real followers, people who care about your brand, actually comment, like and engage your page. Brilliant!”
Nwandos Signature Events
Nwandos Signature Events
“Very good and real. They put the time in to find the right followers for your brand!”
“Outstanding Service. I would highly recommend!!!”
T U C A N   diseño&eventos
T U C A N diseño&eventos
“Great communicator, we gained real followers, and more engagement. I'll use again for sure! Thanks a lot for your work and the extra advices ;)”
Olga Dzhura Wedding
Olga Dzhura Wedding
“Amazing work!!! Will continue using for a long time!! Quick, professional and accurate!! Engagement went up by 200%!!”
Dunnivieve Events
Dunnivieve Events
“Awesome results!! Almost 6k followers!!!”

What to Expect

By ordering our specialized package(s) on Instagram marketing, the following are some of the things you can expect:

  • Relevant Hashtags Research

Based on your niche or the type of products and services you offer, we will make a thorough research and provide you with the most relevant hashtags used by active Instagram followers.

  • Multi-staged Promotion
  • Stats

We help you monitor your stats and ensure that your Instagram marketing endeavors are really converting. This will also help you understand the purchase path of your Instagram followers.

  • Unfollowing

We can help you unfollow Instagram followers that fail to follow you back. However, we may need your Instagram account details for this to work.

  • Quick & Easy Instagram Tips Guide

We offer you quick and easy Instagram tips guide. This will assist in your Instagram marketing endeavors and help grow your Instagram profile and audience.

In addition, we also offer you just the right tools/extensions needed to automatically follow, like, and comment on your target audience and their post. We also have a database of profiles relevant to your niche consisting of usernames, account types, various statistics/numbers, locations, and website URLs.

Our service works perfectly for Business and Personal Accounts. Systematically promote your Instagram profile using our Instagram marketing strategies today, and watch your business grow exponentially.

We are always ready to help grow your Instagram profile, and get your products and services to your Instagram followers and target audience.

For your inquiries and/or special requests, kindly get in touch with us today!

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