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Small Business Can Grow with Social Media Sites

Small Business Can Grow with Social Media Sites

Small Business Can Grow with Social Media Sites

The Three Important Social Media Sites

The Internet hosts many small businesses and some of them fail within the first few months because they did not utilize the best marketing tools available to them, which is Social Media Sites. A small business can increase traffic to their website and keep it coming when they put in a lot of time and effort cultivating the social media sites that are available to them. There are great web marketing solutions available for you.

#1 – Facebook

Facebook for business.

Facebook is the preferred social media site by most small online business owners. The reason is that Facebook provides a small business with the following advantages:

  1. You can use Facebook to put pictures of your product with embedded links back to your own website.
  2. Facebook is a great method to keep in contact with your customers and potential customers through their online chat, email, or even phone.
  3. Articles written on your website and at “Farms” will surface on Facebook guiding traffic back to your own website.
  4. Facebook is a leading social media site that is used by many people all over the world.
  5. Facebook provides you with a way to advertise your product engaging even more customers.
  6. When you are on Facebook search engines are more apt to notice your online presence putting you at the top of their page.
  7. Facebook is also an easy way to provide customer support, allowing small businesses to respond quickly to queries and to resolve concerns or problems regarding their products or service.

#2 – Twitter

Twitter has become a phenomenal way to get attention all around the world. The search engines notice your Tweets and your retweets.

  1. The articles written for your own website are often put into your Twitter site.
  2. You can have the first 120 characters of your articles and blogs put on your Twitter account in order to attract traffic back to your website.
  3. Many people enjoy using Twitter because they can speak their mind. This is often good for business and you can use the retweets on your website.

#3 – LinkedIn

Linked-In has become the Social Media Site that is used by businesses to help unite them in their own marketing niche.

  1. Linked-In is used to communicate with other business owners in your own marketing niche.
  2. Linked-In is a way to share information and website links.
  3. Linked-In is known as the business-to-business website to help increase traffic.

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