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Social Media Campaigns: 8 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need In Your Life

Social Media Campaigns: 8 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need In Your Life

Social Media Campaigns: 8 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need In Your Life


Social Media Campaigns: 8 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need In Your Life

If you are trying to grow your brand or your business, then you are most certainly familiar with creating social media campaigns.

Whatever the scale, marketing your product or service on social media can be incredibly rewarding. But, at the same time, it can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, the help you need is right here.


Whether you are a brand-newbie or someone who has been using the app way before the zoom feature became available, your Instagram social media campaigns are about to reach another level.

Read on to find out our 8 Instagram marketing tips to help you further boost your brand.

8 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Next Social Media Campaigns

1. Use Trending Hashtags (And Use Them Wisely)

Hashtags make you visible (you know that, right? Good.) Make sure to do your research and find the most relevant hashtags for your business.

Tip: Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on one post. I advise you to use them all.


Another approach to consider is using trending hashtags. If you have anything appropriate to the hashtag to post, or feel like it’s particularly relevant to your brand, then get on board! Tying your brand in with something timely is a great way to get in front of new eyeballs.

2. Use Instagram Stories

If you haven’t been using this feature yet, you’ve been missing out!

Stories let you post photos and videos which can be viewed within 24 hours, similar to Snapchat (only cooler). Make sure to utilize mentions, links, and hashtags in your Stories to direct your audience to your website or to your branded hashtags.

The best thing about them is that they’re discoverable (which means even if people don’t follow you they’ll be able to see them too!)

Instagram Stories is great for product launching announcements, flash sales, and any other limited offers you are running. They’re a great way to reach a large audience without flooding your feed with potentially less-aesthetically-pleasing sale related imagery.

3. Try Out Instagram Carousel Posts

How do you feel when you see 5 posts of the same product shot from different angles being flooded in your feed? I think annoyed is the right word.

The good news is Instagram recently launched a new feature that allows you to post multiple photos or videos in one single post, in a carousel format. More photos means more opportunities to showcase your product in one single post, without spamming your feed with similar images.

Always remind your followers to swipe right for more amazing pics.

4. Repost User Generated Content

Sometimes, the best photographs are taken by your customers or community.

In lieu of the sometimes staged, pristine professionalism of a planned commercial shoot, user-generated content has a sense of immediacy, intimacy, and relatability that’s inherently valuable to your brand.

Make a habit out of this and encourage your customers to take more selfies with your products. In return, they win a special place on your Instagram feed.

Our app Plann in action, thanks to a shot by one of our gorgeous users Mackayla from @social.stylings. We love sharing this image!

5. Reply, Reply, Reply

Reply to DMs, comments, and mentions!

The key to maintaining a high number of followers and gaining new ones is to keep them engaged. Answer questions about your business, whether it be product enquiries, shipping fees, or bulk order discounts. Take the time to go through them and reply. Remember: a friendly tone of voice and a good advice will increase your credibility.

6. Keeping Up With The Aesthetics

While every picture matters, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Stick to a color scheme, a single filter, a grid layout — whatever it is, have your own style that stands out.

The good thing is that Instagram planner apps (like Plann) can help you organize your posts and give you a clear view on how the whole feed will look before you post. This is an important aspect to keep in mind, especially now when there are so many gorgeous Instagram feeds out there. Make sure yours is among the best and keep it organized!

7. Post On A Schedule

But we all know our schedule can get a little crazy sometimes. If not having time to post is a dilemma for you, the best way to go is to use an Instagram post scheduler (did I mention Plann?) It’s really simple to use, thus you can plan your content a month ahead (or whenever you feel inspired). You’ll get a friendly reminder when it’s time to post.

8. Make Statistics Your Friends

It’s all about the numbers!

Make it a point to check your performance data and let it inform your strategy for social media campaigns moving ahead.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to put these simple tips into action and take your social media campaigns to the next level.

You can easily plan your Instagram to aesthetic perfection, store your hashtags ready for posting, schedule reminders, dive into analytics and so much more.

and stores now to get started for free.

Christy Laurence Plann Founder pictures to post on instagram

Christy Laurence is the multi award-winning founder of Plann, an app she created after watching hugely talented people around the world give up on making an income from their passion due to lack of marketing help.

Plann was designed to help give more freedom and a stronger understanding of Social Media to anyone wanting to create their own business.

She was recently awarded ‘Australasian Startup Founder of The Year’ for her achievements helping businesses grow on Instagram.

She also loves a good chat and has a strong pun game, connect with Christy on Instagram

I'm the CEO of MICEFX Solutions and a successful Entrepreneur specialising in digital marketing, based in Izmir, Turkey.

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