Starter Mode

In BAYC or cartoon, we create one base (character) and two assets. This is for the purpose of putting our skills to the test.

Other modes

Let’s say we’re drawing one base character.

It can come with ten different background colors, ten different sorts of clothing, ten different types of sunglasses, and ten different styles of caps.

This is 10,000 divided by 1x10x10x10x10.

There are four traits in this example: background, clothing, sunglasses, and caps, and there are 40 assets because each TRAIT has ten components.

A trait can be a background, whereas an asset can be a black or red background.

We are now generating 10,000 variations from this setup.

You may, of course, add more assets or traits by contacting us on Fiverr.

This is your opportunity to become a self-made millionaire.

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